Jeffco Open Space 2020 – 2025 Conservation Greenprint References

  1. Conservation Greenprint Implementation Details
  2. Jeffco Open Space 2020-2025 Financial Plan
  3. Jeffco Open Space Interactive Projects Map
  4. Conservation Greenprint 2019 Community Engagement Summary
  5. 2018 Jefferson County Open Space Resident Survey
  6. Jeffco Open Space Vision to Action Framework
  7. Jeffco Trails Plan
  8. Jefferson County Open Space Forest Health Plan
    Coming soon!
    The Forest Health Plan will provide a prioritized list of areas within Jeffco Open Space parks that need treatment to help reduce wildfire risk and improve overall forest heath.
  9. Jeffco Open Space Land Acquisition Criteria, Policies, Practices, and Disclaimers
  10. Jefferson County Conservation Atlas
    Coming soon!
    The Jefferson County Conservation Atlas will illustrate important natural resources and attributes across our unique landscape. It is intended to identify opportunities, create understanding, and inspire conservation and stewardship of public and private lands across Jeffco.
  11. Jefferson County TerraSource
  12. Jeffco Open Space Park Plans
    Updated Park Plans coming soon!
  13. 2019 Preservation Progress
  14. Jeffco Open Space Lands Rules and Regulations Policy
  15. Jeffco Open Space Advisory Committee Policy
  16. Jeffco Open Space Program Terms, Priorities, Use of Funds and Transfers Policy
  17. 2011 Colorado Natural Heritage Program (CNHP) Study of Jefferson County
  18. 1998 Front Range Mountain Backdrop/Foreground Preservation Area Study
  19. 2019 Colorado Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP)
  20. 1972 Jefferson County Open Space Enabling Resolution, as amended by the 1980 Enabling Resolution Amendment
Conservation Greenprint Final Document Cover