Wildfire Risk Reduction Task Force

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image of smoke and flames on jeffco hillside

More than two-thirds of Jefferson County is within a designated Wildfire Hazard Overlay District, which establishes additional criteria for development.   Additionally, the County ranks number one in Colorado in terms of the number of homes in high and extreme wildfire risk areas, according to Verisk/ISO Stateline Report - with Evergreen and Conifer ranking among the highest risk areas.  At the same time, the County and some local mountain area fire departments are facing finite resources for mitigation and response.

To ensure a thoughtful, collaborative approach, and to address the challenges facing all, the Board of County Commissioners ("Board") have agreed to lead and serve as a convener by establishing the Jefferson County Wildfire Risk Reduction Task Force.

The Task Force will meet monthly, beginning November, 2019 and will access the status of their work in November, 2020 to determine what, if any, tasks remain and the potential scope of work in year two (November 2020-21). To view the Task Force’s 2019-2020 timeline, click here.