Appendix Z Code Change 

The county has adopted an addendum to the 2018 Jefferson County Code Supplement - Appendix Z - Special Building Construction Regulations in Wildfire Zone 1 - Effective Date January 1, 2020.

Please use our Address Lookup Tool for elevation over 6400 ft - Wild Fire Zone 1 - to learn more. 

Do you have questions about your project and conforming to Appendix Z requirements? Please take a look at some of the FAQ’s below:

Can I still frame a deck with wood or do I have to use other materials like steel?
You can absolutely still frame a deck with wood! Appendix Z allows for deck frame construction out of minimum wood 2x materials for joists and minimum 4x for posts and beams (see Section Z 104.7.2) so following some basic framing details for wood deck construction, your project can still be compliant. Also see section R507 of your 2018 IRC for basic requirements.

Do I have to replace my deck or windows or siding because of this code? No. Jefferson County does not require you to regularly update your home to meet current building code requirements. Any new work done like a remodel or addition needs to meet current code requirements for that scope of work.

Is Appendix Z required for all homes in Jefferson County? No.
It is just for properties above 6400 feet in elevation. The wildfire zones are identified on page two of the document and if you have any questions about the elevation of your property, use our address wizard tool (linked below) to make sure you know your requirements.

Does Appendix Z mean I can’t use wood siding in the mountains? Do I have to reside my home now?
There are many wood products that are compliant with the standards in Appendix Z and you can research them using the CalFire Building Materials Listing Service link below (use categories 8110 for Decking, 8140 for Siding and Sheathing and 8160 for Under Eaves and Soffits). If you have a question about using a product you don’t see on that list, feel free to call our office and we will help you find out if it is Appendix Z compliant. Adopting Appendix Z doesn’t mean your house needs to be resided now, it just means that the next time it is sided, the products will need to meet this new requirement.

Building Material Listings