Passport requirements

Below are the items you will need to bring with you to our offices for your passport appointment, depending on your passport status and age. 

Adult 18+: Expired within five years

Appointments are NOT permitted for passport renewals for adults aged 18+ if the passport has been expired for fewer than five years. Those passports must be renewed by the mail. Visit the State Department passport page for instructions on how to renew by mail.

For all others, visit our appointment page to schedule your visit.

  1. Adult 18+: No Passport or expired five+ years
  2. Adult 18+: Lost/ stolen passport
  3. Child Ages 16-17
  4. Child under 16

Adult 18+: Never had a passport or previous passport expired more than five years ago:

  • Everyone applying for a passport must be present
  • Expired or last passport (if applicable) OR birth certificate (original or certified copy & photocopy)
  • Colorado photo ID or driver’s license (physical & photocopy)
  • Completed, unsigned passport application, available on the State Department website
    1. Social Security Number must be on the application
    2. Application must be signed at our office or the acceptance facility
  • One color passport photo, two inches by two inches
    1. We offer photo services for $5 during your appointment
  • Two separate fees due with your application (Check or Money Order)
    1. Passport book and/or card fees made payable to the "U.S. Department of State"
    2. Application processing fee payable to "Jefferson County"