Financial Challenges for Jeffco

Jefferson County has a reputation as a wonderful place to live, visit, and conduct business. However, the quality services the county provides to residents and local businesses come at a cost. Taxpayer dollars allow the county to deliver vital services but continued increasing demand for services has created a significant financial challenge. 

Jefferson County is working to trim its budget by $16.1 million dollars in the next year to balance the budget and maintain an appropriate reserve fund. To achieve this, the county is starting by requiring budget reductions for 2020 across all offices, departments and divisions whose budget is impacted by the General Fund.

For more information on the budget and process, budget hearings are open to the public and the community can also see the county’s Financial Transparency Portal on its website, which includes more information on the budget. You can also always reach out to your county commissioner – find your commissioner’s contact information on the Board of County Commissioner’s website. We will be posting updates on this page throughout the year and budget cycle.

  1. Jeffco Board of Commissioners Considers Placing TABOR Proposal on the Ballot

    The BCC is considering a proposal to ask Jeffco voters to allow the county to keep county taxes, grants and all other revenue that it collects in excess of limits instituted from TABOR. Read on...
  2. Jefferson County Continues to Prioritize Public Safety

    The County Manager made new recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on where cuts to the General Fund should occur. Read on...
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Have a question or idea?

Jeffco wants to hear from the community on what matters most to them and how they would like to see the county address the budget shortfall. We have included the above frequently asked questions section on this web page. If you have a question that is not listed or an idea about the budget shortfall, please fill out the online form to send in your question – we will continue to post those and other updates to this page.


To learn more about the county's budget or how your property taxes are calculated, watch these informational videos.