The Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder's office is one of the most public facing offices in all of Colorado government, affecting almost every person in our large and diverse county. The office oversees elections, runs the county's DMV functions, and carries out many other important administrative tasks, including issuing marriage licenses and recording public documents.

Our team will fulfill these duties with a model, 21st-century Clerk and Recorder's office that delivers the best customer service in Colorado -- consistently and compassionately. 

We will do that by:

  • Empowering staff: Empowering our staff to find the best possible ways to serve our constituents; developing cutting edge trainings; and giving staff time to collaborate, learn, and cross-train.
  • Engaging constituents: Engaging our constituents directly to understand their needs in a rapidly growing and changing county; adapting to meet our constituents where they are; and consistently providing efficient, transparent, and compassionate customer service.
  • Constantly improving: Fostering a culture of constant improvement. Among staff, this means welcoming ideas, encouraging new approaches, valuing diversity, and learning from mistakes. In serving constituents, this means responding to feedback and regularly examining all systems and processes to make sure we are set up to maximize success. 
  • Leveraging technology: Harnessing technology to improve the experience of our constituents, making services simpler to use and available more often and in more places; using technology and data to give us the best information when making decisions and ensure that we are managing taxpayer dollars as efficiently as we would our own.

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