Designated Use

The Jeffco Open Space park system has over 265+ miles of trails. Twenty-seven miles of trail are currently designated for a specific use. 

Lair o’ the Bear Park
Is now home to Jeffco Open Space’s newest bike-only, directional trail: Rutabaga Ride, which officially opened May 25, 2023. Named after John “Rutabaga” Johnson who historically ranched and sold produce on this former farm, Rutabaga Ride is a 3.5-mile, bike-optimized trail, first proposed in 2018 by Colorado Mountain Biking Association as an alternative route to help separate visitors and create a better experience for all. 

JCOS contracted with FlowRide Concepts, who “specializes in the planning, design, and construction of sustainable trail riding destinations,” to create a bike-optimized experience. The JCOS Trails Team contributed to the construction of 1,200 feet of trail and 2 in-slope turns. COMBA assisted the entire project with over 265 hours of volunteer work to get this exceptional trail open!

Apex Park
Following more than two years of public and visitor engagement, intense in-park education efforts, and field observations, Jeffco Open Space has developed a plan to improve trail safety and reduce visitor conflict at Apex Park. This final plan was shaped by many visitor and staff perspectives and demonstrates a true spirit of compromise. The new management plan will take effect on September 10, 2020 and be a 1-year trial basis. 

You must know the calendar date to safely use the park. Affected trails include: Enchanted Forest, Magic Mountain, Poco Calle, Rocker, Paydirt, and Smelter (see map for more detail).

  • Even Calendar Dates (2nd, 4th, etc.) = Bikes only, no hikers or equestrians
  • Odd Calendar Dates (1st, 3rd, etc.) = Hikers and equestrians only, no bikes

White Ranch Park
Jeffco Open Space made Middle Longhorn Trail a mountain bike only, one way designation permanent, on June 19, 2019. This decision was made after conducting a one year pilot program where compliance with this designation was approximately 98% and more than 80% of people surveyed were satisfied or in favor of the designation.

Matthews/Winters Park
On November 1, 2018, Dakota Ridge South Trail at Matthews/Winters Park was designated as bike only with a mandatory clockwise direction for movement. This new portion of trail is 0.8 miles.

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Lair o' the Bear Park Map
Image of the Apex Park Designated Use Infographic Map depicting the management change at the park
White Ranch Park Map
Matthews/Winters Park Map