Certification of Tax Levies

Certification of Tax Levies

Pursuant to 39-1-111 C. R. S., the county is required to certify the tax levies for cities, towns, municipalities, school districts and special districts within its jurisdiction to the Assessor and report them to State of Colorado each year.

The statutory deadline for local taxing jurisdictions within Jefferson County that are planning on levying a property tax to submit a certification of tax levy for the property tax to the county is December 15 pursuant to 39-5-128(1) C.R.S. The certification of tax levy can be submitted on the form provided by State of Colorado on the Division of Local Government (DOLA) website.

Please note that role of the county in this process is ministerial and non-discretionary. The county assumes no liability or responsibility associated with any levy of any taxing jurisdiction except for certification. Each taxing authority is responsible for ensuring that the mill levy submitted for certification complies with all applicable state statutes. You are encouraged to utilize the resources made available by DOLA to gain a thorough understanding of the statutes that apply to your agency.

Submission of Certification of Tax Levies

For Jefferson County, the Strategy, Planning & Analysis Division compiles the information and prepares the report. All certification of tax levy forms should be submitted to Strategy, Planning & Analysis via email or U.S. Mail to the contact information provided, by the December 15 deadline, set by statute.

For More Information

For assistance or information on completing the information on the certification of tax levy form, please contact the Colorado Division of Local Government.

If you have questions regarding the submission of the certification of tax levy information to the county, please do not hesitate to email Strategy, Planning & Analysis.