Urban Farms

Urban Farming

Urban farming is an important strategy for addressing food insecurity and healthy nutrition by providing Jeffco residents with a reliable source of healthy and affordable foods. In addition to the impact on food insecurity, urban farming adds value to the local economy, provides opportunities for community involvement and helps create a sustainable urban ecological system. There are currently over 50 urban farms in Jefferson County. 

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About CSAs

One of the best ways to support local food and agriculture is to purchase directly from farmers at farm stands and farmers markets, or through a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm share.

CSA is a model in which customers buy pre-season shares of local crops. Buying a CSA share supports farmers early in the season when the cost of seeds, equipment and more can deplete a farmer's cash reserves. In return, farmers educate shareowners about farming and introduce them to new varieties of produce. 

Find a local CSA share nearby [external link] 

What to Ask a Farmer About a CSA Share (PDF)

  1. Acres at WARREN TECH
  2. Denverfarmer.com
  3. Five Fridges Farm
  4. Fleischer Family Farm
  5. GoFarm
  6. Grow Girl Organics
  7. Ikigai Farm
  8. Lakewood Growers Collective
  9. Micro Farms
  10. Roost Farms
  11. She Grows
  12. Sprout City Farms
  13. Florabee Flowers
  14. Wild Wick's Farm
  15. Front Line Farming
  16. Patchwork Farms
  17. Paper Kite Farm
  18. Tasty Acres
  19. Sun Prairie Beef
  20. Infinite Harvest

Acres farm logo.

Website: www.acreswarrentech.org [external link] 

Address: 13300 west 2nd place, Lakewood, CO 80228

Crops Grown and/or Processed: Roots, greens, lettuces, brassicas, cucumber, eggplant, tomato, potato, sweet/hot peppers, dry beans, summer/winter squash, herbs, raspberries

Processing: Jams, hot sauce, pickles

Where to Purchase Farm Products: CSA, Farmers Market, SNAP/DOUBLE UP, GoFarm

Restaurants the Farm Supplies: Ultriea, Bar Dough, Cart-Driver, Dio Mio, Beast and Bottle, Coperta, Thistle and Mint

Volunteer/Apprentice Opportunities: High school/college interns, Veterans to Farmers, community