About Secure Jeffco

Jefferson County cares deeply about protecting the data and privacy of our employees and citizens. In order to provide this protection and ensure dependable service delivery, it is essential our digital systems are built on a foundation of best practices and our processes are continuously improved based on an awareness of cyber security risks.
- Jill Fraser, CISO

The Secure Jeffco web page focuses on cyber security. You will find links to resources to help protect your family and your business from cyber-attacks. You will also find information about cyber security at Jefferson County.

In 2015, Jefferson County created a governance team called the Information Security Advisory Committee (ISAC). ISAC is charged with preventing the unauthorized loss or exposure of sensitive information that could cause irreparable harm to the county, its employees and our citizens and could also subject the county to fines or other sanctions.

The Secure Jeffco page will be updated regularly with cyber security news, articles, and events. Please sign up to receive notifications when new content is added (find the News Flash category > Secure Jeffco News item).

Jefferson County uses the following catalog of services to protect citizen data and ensure reliable service delivery

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