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The Chief Security Information Officer at Jefferson County brings you important information about the latest cyber security threats, scams and tips on how to avoid being a victim.


Appropriately safeguarding Jefferson County business operations by understanding and aligning security initiatives with risk.


Report a Cyber Security Concern

Do you have a cyber security concern? View our Cyber Security Concern page to learn more about the places to which you can report what you feel may be a threat or cyber security concern.

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    Equifax Breach Settlement

    Were you impacted by the Equifax breach? Read on...
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    Staying Cyber-safe on a Summer Vacation

    Summer vacation travelers often check that they have the right supplies and clothes for their trip before they hit the road. Expert travelers also check that they are educated and prepared to be cyber-safe with their devices and data while on the road. Read on...
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  1. Conversations

    When traveling, it is very easy to forget where you are when discussing business with colleagues. That airport, taxi, restaurant or hotel lobby may have individuals nearby eavesdropping on your conversation. When discussing confidential information,...

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  2. Go With Passphrases

    Passphrases are the strongest type of passwords and the easiest to remember. Simply use an entire sentence for your password, such as "What time is coffee?" By using spaces and punctuation, you create a long password that is hard to guess...

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  3. Use Caution Opening Email Attachments

    A common method cyber criminals use to hack into people's computers is to send them emails with infected attachments. People are tricked into opening these attachments because they appear to come from someone or something they know and trust. Only...

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