Power Driven Mobility Devices

Individuals with mobility disabilities may use Other Power-driven Mobility Devices (OPDMDs) on Jeffco Open Space properties subject to the following safety requirements and criteria.

1.Jeffco Open Space Park Regulations apply to the use of OPDMDs. For example, OPDMDs may not be used in closed areas and areas subject to natural resource protection closures; and the use of OPDMDs may not damage natural and/or cultural resources or wildlife habitat.

2. An OPDMD user must comply with the yielding Park Regulation.

3. An OPDMD must remain on trails except to the extent necessary to comply with the yielding requirements. An OPDMD must be capable of being turned around within the trail tread in a safe manner.

4. An OPDMD may only be operated on trails with grades (slopes) of 12% or less.

5. An OPDMD may be up to 32 inches wide.

6. An OPDMD may be up to 6 feet long.

7. An OPDMD may weigh up to 150 pounds (excluding the visitor’s weight).

8. An OPDMD must be electric powered

9. An OPDMD must be operated at a safe speed. When other users are present on a trail, a safe speed for an OPDMD is deemed to be the average speed at which the other users are travelling on the trail. The maximum speed for an OPDMD when other users are present is 5mph. When other users are not present the maximum speed for an OPDMD is 10 mph.

10. An OPDMD must have the capacity to safely negotiate trail features and obstructions such as steps and other vertical displacements, water dams, loose gravel, and rocks.

11. Jeffco Open Space recommends that an OPDMD not be operated on trails at times of heavy traffic. An OPDMD user may be informed by Jeffco Open Space that specific trails at specific times are not available for OPDMD use due to heavy traffic.

12. Due to varying conditions on Jeffco Open Space Properties and to ensure safety and/or natural resource protection, Jeffco Open Space recommends that an OPDMD user contact Jeffco Open Space at 303-271-5925 to confirm that an OPDMD is permitted on a particular trail.

13. OPDMDs are not permitted in Jeffco Open Space indoor facilities except park restrooms.

14. By adopting these guidelines Jeffco Open Space is not representing that the Jeffco Open Space properties are safe for use by an OPDMD and it is not assuming any liability. Certain risks are inherent in the use of Jeffco Open Space properties and all users must exercise reasonable care.