Transport Permit

The Transport Permit is required for moving extra-legal vehicles through unincorporated Jefferson County.  Contact the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and other cities within Jefferson County if your planned trip will cross their roads.

Business by Telephone and Email, and Appointments

As a precaution against COVID-19, we strongly encourage you to continue conducting business with this office by email and telephone (303-271-8495) for your safety, that of employees and the general public in the building. 

After permit approval, we can accept credit card payments over the phone.

Meetings with Transportation and Engineering staff are by appointment only. Click on the button or link below to request an appointment.

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To Apply:

Please allow 48 hours for an inspector to review the permit application. A representative from Transportation and Engineering will notify the applicant when the permit has been approved and is ready to be paid. We can accept credit card payments for permits over the telephone. After the permit has been paid, a copy of the permit will be sent to the applicant.

See CDOT website for legal vehicle dimensions.