Performers at the Rocky Mountain Air & Ground Festival

The Rocky Mountain Air & Ground Festival will be filled with excitement and entertainment for the whole family. The Rocky Mountain Air & Ground Show will feature performers providing edge of your seat excitement as they perform thrilling aerobatics and formation flying. This year we will also have a car show featuring an amazing array of cars that will appeal to any car enthusiast. Don't miss this action-packed event with a variety of fun for the whole family all day.

Tom Larkin - MiniJet

Tom Larkin : Subsonex Jet

Pictures and story available on the Subsonex Jet website

MINI-JET AIRSHOWS is a lifelong dream of  pilot Tom "Lark" Larkin. Having watched the BD-5J perform as a child at a local airshow, and then later becoming a fighter pilot, airline pilot, and aerobatic pilot; it was always his dream to do airshows in a "mini" jet.

RockyMountainRenegadesLogoThe Rocky Mountain Renegades

Pictures and story available on the Rocky Mountain Renegades website

The Rocky Mountain Renegades, with a base at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, fly an airshow that is guaranteed to excite and please the crowds with a masterful blend of grace, beauty, precision, and excitement. The Renegades fly up to 7 aircraft in various close aerobatic formations that fill the sky with smoke and the crowds with awe! Kids of all ages will long remember the maneuvering of the aerobatic formations as they fly close to the ground directly in front of the crowd. Add in the high-energy excitement of the solo aerobatic performers and the Rocky Mountain Renegades will provide thrills and excitement you will remember for a long time to come.

BobFreeman-photoBob Freeman:  Extra 330 SC

Bob Freeman, air show performer and unlimited competition pilot flies the EXTRA 330SC. The EXTRA is a single seat, low-wing aerobatic monoplane with conventional (taildragger) landing gear, offering incredible aerobatic performance.

KyleFranklin-Dracula actKyle Franklin’s Flying Circus

Pictures and story available on the Franklin Air Show website

Kyle’s story likely began years before he was born.  His father Jimmy started flying airshows in 1967 with a stock Waco UPF-7. Jimmy’s father Zip was a self-taught pilot who was also a New Mexico cattle rancher. Zip was a hard working, independent man who valued his family more than anything. Jimmy took the independence and work ethic of his father, combined it with his dream to become an airshow pilot, and never looked back. The legendary airshow career that Jimmy Franklin will always be known for was literally Kyle’s playground.

Kyle set out to create his own acts that would attract a new segment of airshow fans…Dracula. The immortal monster of dreams and nightmares takes the form of a new biplane and a thrilling airshow act. Kyle Franklin has created a one of a kind airplane with a classic theme, an appealing story, and a commitment to his fans that is rooted in creativity and passion. Always at the forefront of creativity, always rooted in classic themes, Kyle Franklin has brought to life a monster that will take the world by storm – Dracula has grown from apparition to reality.  Prepare your souls for an encounter with immortality!

PilotMakersLogoPilot Makers Airshows: T-6

Pictures and story available on the Pilot Makers website

The legendary T-6 brings one-of-a-kind presence to your airshow with it's impressive smoke trail and unique sound, as well as extraordinary ramp presence to your show.  Used as the advanced trainer during and after WWII, the T-6 was officially designated as the "Texan" but also known as "The Pilot Maker" for its crucial role in training fighter pilots during the war.  It's 600 hp, 9-cylinder Pratt & Whitney radial engine, 42 foot wing span, and classic looks make the T-6 a crowd favorite as it loops, rolls and fills the sky with nostalgia and grace. Our T-6 served extensively as a trainer in the Spanish Air Force for over two decades before being imported back into the US as a surplus aircraft and sold on the civilian market. BH-388 is distinguished by it's black and silver "invasion stripes" with the individual flecks of silver representing the sacrifice made by individuals on behalf of our great nation. This plane is a crowd favorite and one of the most distinctive warbirds on the air show circuit.