Sustainability Program

Jefferson County is dedicated to sustainability in the management of our facilities, our internal processes, and the delivery of our services. The goal of the sustainability program is to mitigate our impact on the environment while simultaneously maximizing cost-containment and providing robust facilities and services for both staff and the public.

In 2017, Jefferson County enhanced our commitment to sustainability by hiring a dedicated Sustainability Coordinator. In addition, the goals and strategies of the program were formalized in our first Sustainability Plan. The focus areas of the sustainability program through 2020 are:

  1. Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  2. Water conservation
  3. Recycling and waste diversion
  4. Employee engagement
  5. Public outreach

2018 Sustainability Report

Through the many departments and divisions of Jefferson County, our staff fulfill a wide swath of critical functions and services to the citizens of the county. The vision for the Sustainability Program is to conduct county business in a manner consistent with reducing our environmental impact while simultaneously maximizing cost containment and enabling healthy and happy people. Get all the details of our progress in the 2018 Sustainability Report >>

Infographic_Web_JEN_2018 Jefferson County Sustainability Report_internal-external

Awards & Accomplishments

2017 Colorado Communities Award

Given by the State of Colorado and Compact of Colorado Communities at the 2017 Colorado Communities Symposium, this award recognizes innovative programs and initiatives in the public and private sectors that demonstrate a bold vision for a clean, resilient, and prosperous Colorado. Facilities Management was awarded based on our Energy Performance Contracting work with McKinstry, in which we implemented lighting upgrades, water-saving measures, HVAC improvements, and installation of solar photovoltaic systems at several sites. These facilities improvements are saving approximately $477,780 annually, a shining example of how environmental responsibility goes hand-in-hand with cost-containment.

Solsmart Designation – Gold

SolSmart, a U.S. Department of Energy program aimed at helping communities increase use of solar power, awarded Jefferson County a Gold designation  in 2017 as a national leader in advancing the development of solar energy. Jefferson County is one of only 40 counties across the nation to receive designation at the Gold level, the highest level awarded in the program.

Colorado Environmental Leadership Program – Bronze Achiever

Facilities Management was recognized in 2017 as an organization that goes above and beyond compliance with state and federal regulations, and as committed to continual environmental improvement. Through performance contracting, Facilities Management has implemented a variety of initiatives throughout Jefferson County facilities designed to save energy, save water, and generate renewable energy.

Xcel Energy® Partners in Energy

The Sustainability Coordinator is assisting the Jefferson County Sustainability Commission with the implementation of the Jeffco Energy Action Plan created through the Xcel Energy Partners in Energy  offering, a community collaboration approved by the Board of County Commissioners in April 2017. The Energy Action Plan aims to help residents, commercial businesses, and county facilities save money on utility bills through energy and water efficiency and conservation measures. Jefferson County and Xcel Energy are pleased to work together to achieve our community goals. Check out the Sustainability Commission page for more information and recent developments of Partners in Energy.