Happening Now

Regulation Amendments

A Regulation Amendment process pertaining to the Zoning Resolution, Land Development Regulation, Transportation Design and Construction Manual and Storm Drainage Design and Technical Criteria is under way. Staff has created a final draft of the revisions and is soliciting comments on the proposed changes. Read more about it on our Regulation Updates page.

On-Line Applications

Jefferson County is now accepting Grading Permits and Floodplain Permits in addition to Pre-Application submittals through the On-Line Application system.

Jefferson County Comprehensive Master Plan data available through online mapping application “jMap”

Before the Jefferson County Comprehensive Master Plan was adopted in October of 2013, the over 500,000 sprawling acres of the unincorporated county were divided into nine separate Community Plans. Each Community Plan was unique to its specific diverse region, from the North Mountains to the South Plains. These plans were available online and in printed form and were updated periodically.

Each plan had a host of static maps including specific Land Use Recommendations. When a citizen would inquire about an individual parcel and its associated recommended land use, they would have to contact Planning and Zoning staff or find a static map and deduce which plan recommendation their parcel was within.

During the drafting of the Comprehensive Master Plan, Planning and Zoning staff saw an incredible opportunity to utilize available technology and create a spatial inventory of Comprehensive Master Plan data. This data would be available anytime to the general public as well as utilized to support and benefit day to day planning functions within the division through the jMap Online Mapping application.

Merging spatial data from nine separate and unique Community Plans proved to be a daunting task and took many staff members over a year to construct a working layer. The layer gives the same citizen noted above the ability to open a website on their computer or any mobile device and in a matter of a few clicks, they will be able to find information about plan recommendations and other informative spatial data. Staff continues to work on this layer to make it even more user friendly in the months to come.

Land Disturbance in Jefferson County

A Land Disturbance Permit is required for any land disturbance greater than 5,000 square feet. Land disturbance area is not just the footprint of a house or driveway excavation, it also includes, but is not limited to, cut and fill areas, stockpiling area, access to and excavation area for a septic tank and leach field, retaining wall construction and disturbance associated with the grading around a home and driveway. More information can be found on the Planning and Zoning Land Disturbance Permitting page.

Grading and Erosion Control Performance Standards must be followed for all land disturbance in Jefferson County regardless if a Land Disturbance Permit is required. This entails installing proper erosion and sediment control measures and following general rules where there is land disturbance. Some examples of sediment control measures include silt fence, straw wattle and vehicle tracking control. Erosion control measures include erosion control blankets placed on disturbed ground, hydromulching and seeding. Installing a silt fence around a stockpile to contain sediment from leaving the stockpile area is one example of a Performance Standard. Please visit our Land Disturbance Permitting page and review the “Do I need a land disturbance permit” document for more information on Performance Standards.It is also important to know that any work within a Floodplain requires a Floodplain Permit. This includes, but is not limited to, land disturbance activities, retaining walls, any grading, removing structures, installing a shed or any structure, and stockpiling dirt. You can determine if you are in a floodplain by visiting the Jeffco Interactive Mapping Application, search your property and turn on the “Floodplains” layer. For more information on the Floodplain Permit, please visit our Floodplains Management page.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Planning and Zoning Division at 303-271-8700. These requirements are for unincorporated Jefferson County areas. If you are incorporated within a City, please contact them for information on their regulations and requirements.