Position Statements

Sheriff Jeff Shrader occasionally releases position statements on various topics.

  1. Early Release Program (Updates below)

The jail population management plan was adopted due to an effective $5.5 million budget reduction this year that necessitated the Sheriff’s Office closing one floor of the jail based on the need to reduce staffing levels. These actions decreased the jail’s operational capacity from 1392 beds to 1148 beds.

Now, when the jail population exceeds operational capacity by 2%, steps must be implemented to reduce the population to manageable levels. The first of these steps is early release of qualifying inmates who have served a minimum of 50% of their sentence. The directive below describes the early release process and the other steps that may need to be implemented this year to maintain reduced capacity levels.

Sheriff Jeff Shrader acknowledges that early release "undermines the authority of the judges and the authority of the court. Releasing inmates early, before they have completed their full sentence, is also not the message we want to send to criminals. Unfortunately, it is the action we have to take to meet the budgetary constraints we are currently faced with, and to maintain a safe environment for those who are incarcerated and our employees who work in the jail."