Board of Health

The Jefferson County Board of Health members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to make policies and decisions that will help promote health and prevent disease in the county. The board encourages public input into its decision-making process and welcomes community participation at its regular hearings.

October Special Board of Health Meeting 10/11

Meeting begins at 12:00 p.m.

Join Zoom meeting 

Meeting ID: 827 9539 0217

Passcode: 371596

One tap mobile: 1-720-707-2699

*Note: Please see the meeting agenda as well as the draft Public Health Order under discussion in the Agenda section at the bottom of this page. You can submit public comment using the form posted in the Public Comment section below.

Public Comment

If you would like to submit a written public comment or make a public comment at our next scheduled Board of Health meeting (see below agenda for date/time), please sign up and click on the link below or use the QR code. If you have any questions, please contact Lindsey Gonzales

  • Submit for public comment here
  • Can also be accessed via QR code for cell phones:   


2021 Regular Meetings

  • All meetings are via Zoom
  • Study session begins at 3:30 p.m.
  • Business meeting begins at 4:00 p.m.
  • Third Tuesday of every month, as follows:
    • January 14 - Special Meeting 
    • January 19 
    • February 16 
    • February 18 - Special Meeting 
    • March 16
    • March 18 - Special Meeting 
    • March 29 - Special Meeting 
    • April 20
    • May 13 - Special Meeting 
    • May 18
    • June 15**
    • July 20
    • July 27
    • August 17
    • September 21 
    • October 5 - Special Meeting
    • October 7 - Special Meeting
    • October 11 - Special Meeting
    • October 19
    • November 16
    • December 21**

Please contact Lindsey Gonzales with any questions at 303-271-5716 or

If you need minutes from a meeting that occurred during a previous year, please contact Board of Health Clerk Lindsey Gonzales at