Region Management Plans

The 27 unincorporated parks in Jeffco Open Space are organized into nine regions, each with their own management plan. View Map of Jeffco Open Space Park Regions. The intent of the region management plans is to establish and utilize a goal-oriented framework for managing the unique natural resources found on our lands while providing opportunities for outdoor recreation and upholding the Jeffco Open Space mission.

This includes, but is not limited to, the management of regional trails, Jeffco Open Space lands, public land agency partnerships, and effective review of potential properties for acquisition. An important aspect of these regions is maintaining and improving lines of communication with stakeholders and the public.

The Mesas Region Management Plan was updated in 2017, with the four northern region management plans (Ranch, Plains, Canyons and Lookout) to be updated in 2018. The remaining four regions in the south (Bear, Mountains, Valleys and Peaks) will be updated in 2019. These efforts will include community engagement during the process. Stay tuned!

Bear Creek Region Management Plan
The Bear Creek Region of Jeffco Open Space includes Hiwan Museum, Lair o’ the Bear Park, Mount Falcon Park and Mount Lindo/Glennon within the Bear Creek corridor.

Canyons Region Management Plan
The Canyons Region of Jeffco Open Space includes Centennial Cone Park, Clear Creek Canyon Park and Windy Saddle Park along the Clear Creek Canyon corridor.

Lookout Region Management Plan
The Lookout Region of Jeffco Open Space includes Apex Park, Lookout Mountain Nature Center and Preserve, and Matthews/Winters Park in the Golden foothills area.

Mesas Region Management Plan
The Mesa Region of Jeffco Open Space includes Mount Galbraith Park, North Table Mountain Park, and South Table Mountain Park in the Golden area.

Mountains Region Management Plan
The Mountains Region of Jeffco Open Space includes Alderfer/Three Sisters Park, Elk Meadow Park, Flying J Ranch Park and Meyer Ranch Park in the Conifer and Evergreen area.

Peaks Region Management Plan
The Peaks Region of Jeffco Open Space includes Cathedral Spires Park, Pine Valley Ranch Park and Reynolds Park in southern Jefferson County near the Pike National Forest.

Plains Region Management Plan
The Plains Region of Jeffco Open Space includes Crown Hill Park, Van Bibber Park and Welchester Tree Grant Park within the eastern suburbs of Jefferson County.

Ranch Region Management Plan
The Ranch Region of Jeffco Open Space includes Coal Creek Canyon and Douglas Mountain Study Areas and White Ranch Park in the northern portion of Jefferson County.

Valleys Region Management Plan
The Valleys Region of Jeffco Open Space includes Deer Creek Canyon Park, South Valley Park and Hildebrand Ranch Park along the Deer Creek corridor.

Wild Iris at Alderfer/Three Sisters Park
Rafting on Clear Creek Next to Peaks to Plains Trail
North Table Mountain Park Header Photo