Forms & Fees

Registration fees

  • Calculation: Registration fees are based on the date of registration, weight, and taxable value. 
  • Background: View the state’s registration fee sheet to help explain what the fees are and where they are distributed.
  • Fee estimator: Use the state’s fee estimator to calculate the amount due for first-time vehicle registrations.
  • Credit card transaction fee: 2.25% plus .75 cents online or in office; 2.3% via a renewal kiosk
  • Kiosk vendor fee: $3.95
  • Kiosk check fee: .50 cents

Late fees

  • Motor vehicles: State law requires a $25/month late fee (up to $100) for vehicles registered more than 60 days after the purchase date or renewed after the one-month grace period.
  • Trailers: State law may require an additional late fee for trailers that are subject to taxation and not registered when required by law.

Miscellaneous fees

  • Title: $7.20.
  • Duplicate title: $8.20.
  • Lien filing: See the procedure Instruction Sheet.
    • Up to Legal size (8 1/2" x 14"): $5 per printed side.
    • Larger than legal: $10 per printed side.
  • CLS/EM: $25. Emissions testing fee collected when a mobile emission test (RapidScreen) has been accepted and processed as part of your renewal.
  • Plate fee after change of ownership: $4.73. Under a new law, license plates expire upon transfer of ownership or title/interest in a vehicle. (Owners who would like to keep their plate configuration are able to do so after paying a one-time replacement fee between $68.06 and $118.06 depending on the license plate.)

Payment options

  • Credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Subject to small credit card fee.
  • Check: Make Payable to Jefferson County. No checks under $10 (dealerships exempt). There is $41 fee for returned checks due to insufficient funds; a closed account; or a stop payment order. A $20 fee will be applied in other cases.
  • Cash: Not available for online or kiosk services.