Open Space Advisory Committee

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The committee makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners regarding acquisitions, development, maintenance, preservation, use and operation of Open Space lands in conformance with Open Space policies and procedures.


The committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners regarding the following:

  • Annual and five-year Open Space budget.
  • All acquisitions, dispositions, trades and gifts of interests in real property including terms of purchase and sale agreements related to real property interests.
  • Grants to cities, nonprofit organizations and districts that provide park and recreation services.
  • Purchase, sale, lease, or transfers of water rights.
  • The naming of county Open Space parks.
  • When appropriate, intergovernmental agreements.
  • Such other matters as the director deems appropriate.

For all of the latest information on OSAC meetings, events, and work, please visit the JCOS Advisory Committee web page

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