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The Foothills Housing Authority Board, whose members are known as commissioners, is the policy making body of the Jefferson County Housing Authority, similar to a board of directors of a private corporation. A Local Housing Authority Commissioner is a public official of his/her community and receives no pay. The Board of County Commissioners selects and employs the executive director of the Local Housing Authority. The executive director is responsible to the Board of County Commissioners for the efficient operation of the Housing Authority’s business and for carrying out board policies in accordance with the Local Authority’s bylaws and its contracts.


  • Reports on tenancy and vacancies, action to eliminate vacancies, status of rent collections, amount of rent delinquency, and action to avoid rental losses.
  • Reports on the waiting list of prospective tenants and whether the existing Local Authority program is adequate for the community.
  • Reports on income and expenses, comparison thereof with approved operating budget, any needed budget revisions.
  • Reports on the adequacy of rentals and any recommended adjustments.
  • Reports on any major repair or maintenance problems that should be brought to the board’s attentions, adequacy of tenant maintenance.
  • If a new project is in the planning or construction stage, a full report should be presented on its status, including a review of the performance of the architect and/or the contractor, and whether adequate progress is being made.
  • Reports on tenant problems, the availability of needed community services and cooperative community efforts to uplift and improve the living standards of tenants.

To access the application for this board when it is available, click here to be taken to the Vacancies page.