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The Historical Commission coordinates and promotes the development of local history and the preservation and use of historical resources and historic sites within the county and advises the Board of County Commissioners on all activities.


  • Coordinates the historical activities of Jefferson County and acting as a liaison with national, state and local historical organizations.
  • Disseminates historical information and arousing interest in Jefferson County’s past by publishing historical material.
  • Promotes and supports various historical and educational programs.
  • Identifies, researches and actively participates in the preservation of historical sites within Jefferson County.
  • Prepares and disseminates information on matters of historical significance within Jefferson County.
  • Assists the appropriate governmental entities in developing procedures or guidelines for identifying and/or designating and preserving official historical sites in Jefferson County.
  • Assists the public with the identification, designation and preservation of historical sites in Jefferson County
  • Participates in various organizational grant programs which provide financial assistance for the preservation of historical sites, or other historical programs.

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