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To make policies and decisions that will help promote health and prevent disease in Jefferson County. The board encourages public input into its decision-making process and encourages community participation at its regular monthly hearings. 


  • Provides, equips and maintains suitable offices and necessary facilities for the proper administration and operation of the Jefferson County Public Health.  
  • Determines general policies to be followed by the public health director in administrating and enforcing the public health laws, the orders, rules and regulations of the board, and the orders, rules, regulations and standards of the State Board of Health.
  • Acts in an advisory capacity to the public health administrator on all matters pertaining to public health.
  • Issues orders and adopt rules and regulations.
  • Holds hearings, administer oaths and take testimony relating to powers and duties of Board of Health.
  • To accept, and through the public health director, uses, disburses, and administers all federal aid, state aid, or other property, services, and moneys allotted to the department.
  • Establishes fees for public health services; and to provide environmental health services and to assess fees for such services, including sewage disposal regulation.
  • Provides environmental health services of which some are related to water quality control, sewage disposal, air pollution control, solid waste disposal, drinking water quality monitoring, food inspection and sanitation, etc.

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