Restoration of Former Elk Meadow Dog Off-leash Area

The former site of the Elk Meadow Park Dog Off-leash Area (DOLA) was closed for Natural Resource Protection under Jeffco Open Space Regulation C.5. and public access is prohibited.

Final Report

The report evaluates the impacts and trade-offs associated with managing a Dog Off-Leash Area and summarizes work with the community over the years to develop solutions to ongoing management issues.
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Restoration Updates

August 2017

The Natural Resources team continued to conduct stream water sampling and to monitor the effectiveness of erosion control measures (sterile annual grass and soil wattles) installed earlier in 2017. In addition, the team assessed the effectiveness of weed control efforts implemented in July to determine if additional control will be necessary in the coming months. The team also continued to use game cameras to monitor how wildlife has responded since the closure. Finally, staff from multiple JCOS teams completed the Request For Proposals (RFP) for the planning and design portion of the contracted restoration work set the take place over the next three years. It is anticipated that a firm will be engaged to begin this work between October and November of 2017.

July 2017 Restoration Update and Photos 
June 2017 Restoration Update and Photos
May 2017 Restoration Update and Photos

July 2018

  • Phase I (planning, design, permitting) began in Q1 2018 and is currently on time and within budget.
    • A team of experienced consultants led by Western States Reclamation, Inc. has completed soil and vegetation assessments and is finalizing the Site Stabilization and Restoration Plan that will be used to complete construction plans, permitting, and budget estimates for Phase II (construction).
    • It is anticipated that Phase I will conclude in Q4 2018, and that Phase II will begin in either Q4 2018 or Q1 2019 and end by Q1 2021.
    • A habitat restoration grant is being submitted to help offset Phase II costs.
  • In partnership with TEENS, Inc. Youth Corps, the JCOS Natural Resources team continues to implement invasive species and forest management actions to prepare the site for Phase II.
  • E. coli levels have declined dramatically since closure of the DOLA in April 2017. E. coli levels are now indistinguishable from normal background levels associated with healthy streams. As of July 10th, stream flows are too low to allow for valid sampling, and sampling will resume when sufficient flow conditions occur.  

Water Sampling

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