Research Permits

All research conducted on open space land requires a permit. Apply for a Research and Collections Permit.

Small Research Grants Program

Jeffco Open Space offers Small Research Grants to individuals or groups to conduct applied studies on Jeffco Open Space lands. The application period for the 2019 Small Research Grants cycle is now closed. For more information please reach out to the program coordinator, Hillary King, at 303.271.5924 or [email protected].

2019 Program Details and Application Information

Learn more about Small Research Grants

Front Range Research Symposium

The bi-annual Front Range Research Symposium is a collaborative effort among front range open space agencies, including Jeffco Open Space, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, Boulder County Open Space, and others. This symposium hopes to inspire coordination, collaboration, and partnership among researchers focused on open space management topics. The second bi-annual symposium was hosted by Jeffco Open Space in April of 2019. View symposium information.

Jeffco Open Space Research

Jeffco Open Space conducts research studies to inform management of natural and cultural resources, as well as the visitor experience.

Designated Use Trails

Learn about designated use trails in Jeffco Open Space parks

e-Bikes in Jeffco Open Space

View e-Bike Presentation
Download e-Bike Brochure
View e-Bike Visitor Survey Results

Trail Courtesy

Learn about the GOCO Conservation Excellence Grant to study courtesy

Apex Park Trail Management Assessment

View 2017 Apex Park Trail Management Assessment Fact Sheet
View Full 2017 Apex Park Trail Management Assessment Presentation

Rattlesnake Research Study, North Table Mountain Park

View the findings report from Adaptation Environmental Services

Citizen Science Program

Jeffco Open Space participates in the following Citizen Science Programs:

FrogWatch USA
Butterfly Monitoring

Other Research

Partners and studies related to open space management:

Nest Box with Eggs
e-Bike Survey
Swallowtail Butterfly