Foothills Animal Shelter

Foothills Animal Shelter View is one of the largest animal shelters in Colorado, taking in 8,000 animals each year.

It is a nonprofit organization comprising dedicated volunteers and is a wonderful and unique partnership of Jefferson County government, the cities of Arvada, Lakewood, Golden, Wheat Ridge, Westminster and the Foothills Animal Foundation.

History of the Foothills Animal Shelter

It has its roots in the Table Mountain Animal Center, which was founded in 1966 as an impound facility for unincorporated Jefferson County. Through the years, the center’s focus changed from a place to hold lost or dangerous dogs to an animal adoption service that has a more humane approach.

In 2009, the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners (BCC) provided $3 million in general county revenue to “jump start” construction of a new 30,000-square-foot home. The BCC also issued Certificates of Participation to raise another $5.2 million and provided the necessary space for the Foothills Animal Shelter at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. The Foothills Animal Foundation is raising the remainder of the money.

The BCC strongly believed this new facility was a necessity and committed the funding and site for the safety of the county’s animals and residents.

Dog Licensing

In 1994, the county began requiring residents in unincorporated Jefferson County to license their dogs. The five partner cities joined us in 2007, adopting the successful dog-licensing program the county has used. Dog lovers appreciate the service because it allows us to reunite pets with their owners quickly.

Dog-license information can be checked 24 hours a day with the computerized database, meaning dogs can sometimes be back with their owners immediately. Anyone who has spent a sleepless night wondering the whereabouts of a pet will greatly appreciate this program. Dog licenses are also a vital source of funding for the new facility because license revenue is used to pay off the new Foothills Animal Shelter building.

For more information about how to license your dog, please visit the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Animal Control webpage.