BallotTrax is a free service for Jefferson County voters that allows you to track your ballot online.  You can also sign up to receive messages by email, phone or text when your ballot has been sent to you and received by Jeffco Elections.

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Track your ballot and manage your message preferences

Why use BallotTrax?

All active registered voters in Colorado receive a mail ballot in every election. You can return your ballot by mail, or deliver it to one of our convenient drop-off locations in Jefferson County. No matter how you return your ballot, BallotTrax will let you know when it has been mailed to you and safely received for counting. You can use BallotTrax to view your ballot status online in any election, and/or sign up to receive free messages by text, email or phone.

How does BallotTrax know where my ballot envelope is?

Your ballot envelope is printed with unique bar codes, which are scanned when the ballot is mailed to you by the U.S. Postal Service, picked up by your mail carrier, and received by our Elections Facility in Golden. These intelligent bar codes allow us to securely track your ballot each step of the way. Your ballot itself is not coded, so your vote remains anonymous.

Is there a cost?

BallotTrax is free for Jefferson County voters! There is no cost to view your ballot status or receive messages. However, your phone company’s text message or voice rates may apply.

How and when will BallotTrax notify me?

If you sign up to receive a phone call, SMS text message or email, you will receive automated messages when your ballot is mailed to you, received by the Postal Service, and received by Jefferson County Elections. You also would receive a message if your ballot is returned as undeliverable by the Postal Service.

If you prefer not to receive messages, you can simply go online to Ballot Track during any election to check the status of your ballot.

How do I manage my preferences?

Simply click “Track My Ballot” above to change your preferences, turn off notifications or check the status of your ballot.

Why am I getting an error message when I try to log in?

If you are seeing an error message for ‘invalid credentials’ when you log in, please ensure that you are typing your name and residential zip code as they appear on your voter registration.

Why can’t Ballot Track find my information?

Jefferson County BallotTrax is not available to voters in other counties. It also is not available to voters who have requested that their address be kept confidential for their own protection (section 24-72-204(3.5)(b), C.R.S.), or if a registered voter has enrolled in Colorado’s Address Confidentiality Program (sections 24-30-2101 to -2115, C.R.S.).

For more information, please contact Jefferson County Elections at 303-271-8111 or email