At the Voter Service & Polling Center and Ballot Processing Center

Poll Watchers at the Voter Service and Polling Center or Ballot Processing Center

Upon first entering the assigned location, watchers must present the Certificate of Appointment to the supervisor judge or other authorized election worker at each location where the watcher is designated to observe. The oath of watcher will be administered and both the supervisor and watcher must sign the oath on the certificate. Watchers may come and go throughout the day at the same location without presenting a new certificate. A watcher may observe in more than one location and their certificate will list all approved locations. The watcher must take their certificate and present it at the next location, leaving the certificate at their final location.
The watcher must affirm that he or she will not: 
  • Attempt to determine how any elector voted;
  • Attempt to review confidential voter information unless they have taken the watcher training provided by the Secretary of State under Election Rule 8.1.5; or
  • Disclose or record any confidential voter information that he or she may observe; or
  • Disclose any results before the polls have closed and the election official has announced the results.

The Rules of Conduct
Carefully read the state statute and Colorado Secretary of State Rules regarding the conduct of poll watchers.