Jefferson County Mediation Services Staff

Staff Responsibilities

Our staff consists of an Executive Director and five part-time staff. We handle the myriad details involved in running such a large and varied service. Each week we answer or return over 100 calls, open and close over 34 cases, provide information, send referral lists to people who do not qualify for our free services and field inquiries from other agencies. We contact parties to persuade them to try mediation, respond to numerous emails, schedule mediation sessions, and manage our database.

Experience & Expertise

With our combined experience and expertise, we serve as a valuable resource for our volunteers, discussing their cases answering their questions, and arranging advanced mediation training for them. We make presentations to other agencies, attend meetings and schedule volunteers to mediate for various judges and magistrates.

It’s not just a job to us - we are committed to serving our clients in any way that we can.