Parks & Recreation

Last Updated:  03-07-23
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Jefferson County Parks Department has 29 parks without entry fees, nearly 230 miles of trails, and a legacy of conservation and land preservation. Combine that with many recreation centers in Jeffco, there are many options for residents and visitors of Jefferson County.


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Jefferson County Open Space Parks & Trails

Open Space website

Apex Center Racquetball & Fitness Center

Arvada, CO
Phone: 303-431-9004  
Apex Fitness Center website

Apex Park & Recreation District

Arvada, CO
Phone: 303-424-2739  
Apex Recreation District Website

Apex Simms Street Center

Arvada, CO
Phone: 303-467-7120  
Simms Street Center website

Carmody Recreation Center

Lakewood, CO
Carmody Rec Center website

Charles E. Whitlock Recreation Center

Lakewood, CO
Phone: 303-987-4800  
Charles E. Whitlock Rec Center website

Clements Community Center

Lakewood, CO
Phone: 303-987-4820
Clements Community Center website

Colorado School of Mines Outdoor Recreation Center

Golden, CO
Phone: 303-273-3184  
CO School of Mines Outdoor Rec Center website

Community Recreation Center

Arvada, CO
Phone: 303-425-9583
Community Rec Center website

Edgewater Parks & Recreation

Edgewater, CO
Phone: 303-237-4817
Edgewater Parks & Rec Website

Evergreen Park and Recreation District

Evergreen, CO
Phone: 720-880-1100
Evergreen Recreation website

Foothills Park & Recreation District

Littleton, CO
Phone: 303-409-2100
Foothills Park and Recreation website

Golden Community Center

Golden, CO
Phone: 303-384-8100
Golden Community Center website

Green Mountain Recreation Center

Lakewood, CO
Phone: 303-987-7830
Green Mountain Rec Center website

Lakewood Link Recreation Center

Lakewood, CO
Phone: 303-987-5400
Lakewood Link Rec Center website

Prospect Recreation & Park District

Wheat Ridge, CO
Phone: 303-424-2346
Prospect Rec & Park website

Ridge Recreation Center

Littleton, CO
Phone: 303-409-2333
Ridge Rec Center website

Sheridan Recreation Center

Denver, CO
Phone: 303-761-2241
Sheridan Rec Center website

South Jeffco Sports Association

Littleton, CO
Phone: 303-979-9239  

Southwest Recreation Center

Denver, CO
Phone: 720-865-0670
Southwest Rec Center website

Wheat Ridge Recreation Center

Wheat Ridge, CO
Phone: 303-231-1300 
Wheat Ridge Rec Center website