To achieve and maintain national accreditation for over 30 years requires dedication and commitment across all areas of our agency. Accreditation is a voluntary review process to determine if law enforcement operations, administration, and programs meet defined ‘standards of excellence’. The process of accreditation demonstrates that our agency has developed policies and practices which meet or exceed national, and in some cases internationally, recognized standards of operations. Once achieved, Accreditation is not permanent, and it must be re-attained every 1-5 years.

While the Accreditation & Policy Integrity Unit has direct oversight of our agency’s accreditation compliance programs, every member of the Sheriff's Office contributes to achieving and maintaining accreditation standards.

Triple Crown Award

Agencies that recNSA logoeive accreditation with CALEA, ACA and NCCHC are eligible for the National Sheriffs’ Association coveted Triple Crown Award. The JCSO received the initial award in 2013, with the most recent award being in 2021. We are one of only 49 sheriff’s offices in the country to have attained Triple Crown status, and have received the award under three consecutive sheriffs’.

  1. CALEA
  2. ACA
  3. NCCHC
  4. ASCLD

CALEAThe JCSO is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). We have been CALEA accredited since 1992; are re-assessed annually and re-accredited every 4 years.


The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is committed to transparency with our community. This includes sharing our policies so residents understand how our employees do the difficult work of keeping the community safe. 

We review and update our policies regularly to ensure that we act in line with the best practices within the industry as well as are consistent with Colorado and Federal law.

View our public policies here:

Staff Inspections

Staff inspection is a comprehensive internal review of all work groups within the Sheriff's Office to determine adherence to State and Local laws, department policy and procedures, obtainment of all training and educational requirements, and compliance with accreditation standards. Regular reviews of each unit's activities, record-keeping, and performance ensure the department is operating efficiently and in accordance with established standards.

CALEA Accreditation Public Comment Portal

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is currently accredited through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). CALEA ® is considered the “Gold Standard in Public Safety”. CALEA ® hosts a public portal to accept comments regarding the agency’s compliance with the accreditation process.

The purpose of this public portal is to receive comments regarding the agency’s ability to comply with the CALEA ® standards, engagement within the service community, delivery of public safety services, and overall candidacy for accredited status. These comments can be in the form of commendations or concerns. The overall intent of the accreditation process is to provide the participating agency with information to support continuous improvement, as well as foster the pursuit of professional excellence.

qr-code to access Accreditation Public Comment PortalTo access the portal specific to the JCSO, please click on the following link or scan the below QR code.

It is important to know that CALEA ® is not an investigatory body and subsequently, the public portal should not be used to submit information for such purposes. Additionally, there will be no response other than acknowledgment to submission; however, the information will be considered in content to its relevancy to compliance with standards and the tenants of CALEA ® Accreditation. Standard titles may be viewed on the CALEA ® website: Law Enforcement - Standards Titles | CALEA® | The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc.