Asset Management

Several units fall within the Asset Management Section, including the Business Office, supply operations, the print shop, grants, and fleet maintenance.

Business Office

The Business Office is responsible for the adopted budget and its development, supervision of expenditures, purchasing, and full financial management of the Sheriff's Office fiscal resources and property.


The grant specialist maintains and procures grants for the Sheriff's Office for programs such as DUI checkpoints, saturation patrols, victim services, large fires, LifeTrak, and lab equipment.

Supply Operations 

Supply Operations is responsible for recording all JCSO fixed assets purchased by the county and distributing all property and equipment purchased by the Sheriff's Office. Supply Operations also manage the in-house print shop.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is enrolled in the Federal 1033 Program, which allows local law enforcement agencies to receive excess Department of Defense (DoD) property that might otherwise not be utilized. Certain types of this equipment is categorized as “controlled” property, which includes items such as small arms/personal weapons, demilitarized vehicles, and night-vision equipment. Controlled property always remains the property of and is accountable to the DoD. Some of the items we may request could include ammunition, night vision, command and control vehicles, breaching apparatus, and robots. Please note this notice does not ensure the acquisition of stated property, as all property is on a first come basis with all participating LEAs in 49 states and four U.S. territories. When a law enforcement agency no longer wants the controlled property, it must be returned to the federal agency for proper disposition. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office does not possess any controlled property. The JCSO participation intends to leverage the program as a cost-savings measure for required items that would otherwise be purchased. For inquiries into the program, please visit

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance is responsible for servicing and maintaining a 310-vehicle fleet (patrol vehicles, animal control units, jail transport, a criminalistics van, and a command bus), and equipping these vehicles with radios, computers, and emergency warning equipment. The JCSO has two watches' allotment of patrol vehicles, allowing the first watch to undergo routine maintenance while the other is patrolling.

Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance maintains the 440,000-square-foot Sheriff's Office facility for day-to-day operations.