Informational Services

Dispatch (Communications Unit)

Communications is a 24/7 operation that answers emergency 911 calls and non-emergency calls and dispatches for nine fire and five police agencies in Jefferson County. The unit has certified emergency medical dispatchers (EMDs) who are trained to help callers through medical emergencies.

Information Technology

information Technology installs, configures, and maintains computer and network resources for Sheriff's Office users. Projects have involved everything from helpdesk service to crime report databases, mobile computers in patrol vehicles, inmate databases, and crime-mapping software.


The Records Unit serves as the central processing department for criminal justice records. Records is responsible for processing, maintaining, archiving, retrieving, and releasing information and copies of reports in accordance with federal and state regulations and guidelines. Records processes public fingerprinting and accepts liquor license and concealed handgun permit applications, among other services. The Model Traffic Code Office, as part of the Records Unit, is responsible for processing and accepting payment for model traffic code tickets.

Radio Maintenance

Radio technicians are responsible for all radio system programming and maintenance, allowing all deputies to remain in contact with headquarters and with one another at all times. Radio equipment includes dispatch radios at headquarters, in-vehicle radios and portable devices, and radio tower repeaters located across the region. The Sheriff's Office operates on an 800 MHz communications system, a milestone in the effort to create a single, statewide radio network that allows large groups of public safety users to communicate effectively.