About the Detention Chief

Division Chief Gary Gittens Headshot of Detentions Chief Gary Gittens

Division Chief Gary Gittins joined the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy Sheriff on November 20, 1989. Chief Gittins went on to have assignments in every division within the organization.  During his time at the Sheriff’s Office, he has been assigned to or supervised special units to include the West Metro Drug Task Force, DOU, Gang Unit, Peer Support, Reserves, and Field Training. Almost half of his career he has been assigned to the Detention Division where he feels most at home. Chief Gittins earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Management from National American University in 2006. He also attended the Senior Management Institute for Police in 2011 and Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command in 2018.   Gary Gittins was promoted to Division Chief of Detention Services Division in January 2023.