Detention Support Judicial Services

Judicial Services

Booking Unit

Every arrestee who arrives at the jail must first be processed through booking. The unit ensures the legal, accurate, timely and safe processing of arrestees before they are moved to housing modules. Staff members record general information, such as name, physical description, charges, bond information and emergency contact information in the booking process. Deputies then obtain photographs, fingerprints and iris scans of arrested persons for identification. Finally, medical and counseling staff screen each arrestee before he or she is moved to the appropriate housing module.

Court Security Unit

More than 20 deputies ensure the security of the county government center. Their duties include making in-court arrests pursuant to judges' orders, confiscating weapons and otherwise securing the courtroom areas and escorting defendants and witnesses in high-profile cases. The court security unit also has a K-9 team specializing in explosive detection.

Transportation Unit

The Sheriff's Office is responsible for transporting inmates to and from other facilities throughout Colorado. The Transportation Unit ensures the safe transfer of inmates between facilities. Transportation staff is also assigned, when necessary, to take inmates for specialized medical care at local hospitals. In 1995, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office started Transports Across Colorado, a cooperative effort between counties to assist each other with inmate transports. This effort saves each agency miles and money. Since 1995, Jefferson County has saved more than $3 million in transportation costs through the program.

Warrants Unit

The Warrants Unit receives warrants from courts and enters all felony warrants into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), an FBI-run database that makes information on arrest warrants available to law enforcement agencies in every state. This unit also confirms any warrants available to our law enforcement agencies in every state as well as confirms warrant information for patrol deputies who believe they are holding wanted suspects.

Fugitive Unit

The Fugitive Unit is responsible for returning fugitives for whom arrest warrants have been issued when - following legal processes - they are available for return to Colorado. The unit also makes arrangements for extradition of fugitives to other states that are apprehended in Jefferson County. The unit also participates in the Fugitive Location and Apprehension Group (FLAG), a metro-wide task force serving high-risk arrest warrants.

Civil Unit

The Civil Unit is responsible for service and execution of civil processes in Jefferson County, as directed by the courts. The five-person unit serves papers, such as eviction notices, temporary restraining orders and summonses for appearance in small claims court. The unit serves approximately 10,000 papers per year.