Detention Services Division

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office's Detention Services Division facility, or county jail, is the central detention facility for all law enforcement agencies in Jefferson County, including local municipal police departments. The county jail houses inmates and pretrial detainees who have been committed to the custody of the Sheriff. 


The mission of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Detention Services Division is to remain responsive to community needs, maintain a safe and secure facility and provide varied services and programs for stability and enrichment. Read the Organizational Chart (PDF).

Detention Operations Section

Field Training

The Detention Services Division recognizes the importance of orientation and training upon assignment. All newly hired deputy sheriffs receive training in Sheriff's Office policies and procedures through a field training program.

Special Operations Response Team (SORT)

The Special Operations Response Team is comprised of 14 detention deputies specially trained to deal with events such as prison disturbances, riots or fires within the facility. SORT members also work outside the jail facility, transporting high-risk prisoners, providing specialized court security in high-risk instances and assisting the SWAT team in riot or crowd control.

Gang Intelligence Unit

The Gang Intelligence Unit (GIU) actively investigates intelligence information to ensure a safer community and safer detention facility. The mission of the GIU is three part: first, to identify and verify gang members held in the detention facility; secondly, to provide relevant information and expertise regarding classification or housing recommendations for inmates with gang associations; and lastly to provide gang intelligence and training support to Sheriff's Office personnel.