Traffic Engineering and Programs

See the following tabs for information about traffic control devices and street lighting within the county.

  1. Children at Play Signs
  2. Deer Crossing Signs
  3. Memorial Signs
  4. Pedestrian Crossings
  5. Permit Parking
  6. Roundabouts
  7. Speed Bumps
  8. Speed Limits
  9. Stop Signs
  10. Street Lighting
  11. Traffic Noise
  12. Traffic Signals

Children at Play Signs

The county does not install “Children at Play” signs.

Our policy follows similar policies by neighboring jurisdictions and nationwide. Studies conducted in residential areas where these signs were posted have not shown evidence of reduced pedestrian crashes, vehicle speed or legal liability.

Residents may purchase their own yard sign to maintain on their property along the street. Many types of low-cost yard signs are available from online retailers.