Adopt-A-Road Litter Control Program

Participate in an activity that promotes civic responsibility, community pride and camaraderie within an organization by adopting a Jefferson County roadway.

Thousands of citizens and organizations across Colorado take part in the Adopt-A-Road Litter Control volunteer effort, which helps keep roadways clean, saves taxpayer money and increases public awareness about litter control.

There are many roadways available for adoption within Jefferson County. Contact your appropriate district to find out which roads are available for adoption. Most adoptable roadway sections are approximately two miles long.

Contributors that have adopted roadways include churches, scout troops, employee associations, retired employee associations, nonprofits, service clubs, families and individuals.

How the Program Works

  • A two-year commitment is required from participating groups and individuals. 
  • Participants must pickup trash/litter twice a year.
  • Road and Bridge provides participants with orange safety vests, trash bags and bagged trash pickup.
  • Adopt-A-Road signs are placed, featuring the participating group’s name, at each end of the adopted roadway segment. 
  • Hinged warning signs will be installed below sign. Warning sign must be opened during trash collection, alerting motorists that a litter pickup is in progress. When finished, the hinged warning sign must be closed. 
  • The following day after pickup, Road and Bridge personnel will pick up the collected trash.

Before beginning a pick up, each group or individual should:

  • Open the warning sign on the group’s Adopt-A-Road sign post
  • Put on orange safety vests
  • Have immediate access to an adequate first-aid kit
  • Select a hospital or emergency room and know the quickest route to the facility
  • Have immediate transportation available
  • Carpool whenever possible
  • Call 303-271-5200 to arrange trash pick up

How to get started

Review and print the Adopt-a-Road Litter Control Policy and Procedure by connecting to the County Manager's Policy and Procedures, Programs section.

Review and print the Waiver and Release Form (PDF)

After you review these forms contact your appropriate district

  1. District I
  2. District II
  3. District III
  4. District IV

Road and Bridge District I - Serving Golden, Arvada and Coal Creek

District I - North Shop
21401 Golden Gate Canyon Rd.
Golden, CO 80403