Inspections & Permits

See the following tabs for information about permits and inspections.

  1. ROW Use & Construction Permit
  2. Grading Permit
  3. Notice of Intent
  4. Dumpster Use Form
  5. Transport Permit
  6. Access Permit

Right-of-Way Use & Construction Permit
(Street Cut)

The right-of-way use and construction permit is required for work in county right-of-way or easements. This permit is also required when placing a dumpster, roll-off or other container in public right-of-way.

Use the Jeffco Interactive Mapping Application (jMap) to determine if a location is within county right-of-way with these instructions (PDF).

For water and sanitation district maps, see Water and Sewer Lines.


Right-of-Way Use and Construction Permit Policy (PDF)

Right-of-Way Use and Construction Permit Application Form (PDF)

Sample Traffic Control Plans (PDF)