Infestation Prevention

Preventing Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation


Remove and treat infested trees.

Workers placing plastic tarp over pile of logs.

Remove Dwarf Mistletoe From Your Trees

Dwarf mistletoe weakens trees, making them more susceptible to mountain pine beetle attack. Contact a professional tree service if you need help.

Dwarf mistletoe.

Thin Your Forest to Keep it Healthy

This allows your trees to grow stronger because they don’t have to compete as much for resources.

To develop a forest management plan for your property, contact the Colorado State Forest Service - Golden District, 303-279-9757. You can also contact a professional forester.

Worker using chainsaw to de-limb felled pine tree.

Treat High-Value Trees to Prevent Infestation

Using Carbaryl (Sevin) or permethrin (Astro)-based pesticides on a yearly basis can help prevent infestation of individual trees (May 1 through July 15).

Always read and follow label directions. If you prefer not to do the work yourself, contact a licensed pest-control professional.

Hillside of pine trees killed by Mountain Pine Beetle.