About the Chief

Chief Marc Snowden

Headshot of Investigations Chief Marc Snowden

Chief Snowden began his career in law enforcement with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in 2000 and worked briefly for the State of Montana on a special Law Enforcement Unit.  He has worked in all of the divisions and has been part of several ancillary assignments and special teams’ assignments to include SWAT, DOU, SORT, the West Metro Drug Task Force, FTI supervisor and Master FTI.

During his career, Snowden was primarily involved in the enforcement of narcotics and proactive law enforcement work through our Directed Operations Unit, but also served as one of the Patrol and Detentions FTI leaders, work release supervisor, K9 supervisor, Motor Unit supervisor, and as a Patrol supervisor.

Snowden has a Bachelor’s Degree from Colorado State University and has received numerous awards to include a medal of Distinguished Service and multiple Sheriff’s commendations.