Post Construction & Permanent Structures

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Reduce pollutants in post-construction runoff to/from new development and/or redevelopment projects that result in land disturbance.

Land disturbance associated with property development can affect both the quantity and quality of stormwater runoff. The altering of the grade or increasing the impervious area (paving, rooftops, etc) can increase the volume and rate of stormwater runoff. These increases can cause accelerate erosion in existing drainage ways which degrades down-gradient water quality.

Review & Construction Process

Jefferson County requires adequate design, installation, inspection, and maintenance of water quality best management practices (BMPs) in accordance with county regulations. The review and construction process includes the following:

  • Control the release of stormwater and minimize the pollutants from recently developed areas in accordance with the approved plans. Plans are approved by Planning and Zoning staff with field construction observation and inspection by the Transportation & Engineering staff.
  • Improve the quality of stormwater as it is transported via the Jefferson County storm sewer system to state waters.
  • Jefferson County has established an ordinance that provides protocols to ensure the long term function and maintenance of stormwater quality structures. Jefferson County has inspection and enforcement procedures for stormwater quality structures as described in Section 16 of the Jefferson County Zoning Resolution.
  • Continue to educate citizens, developers, HOAs, designers on current stormwater design requirements, current BMPs, and importance of proper maintenance of these structures.

Additional Information

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