JCHServicesF Logo 1We enthusiastically introduce you to Jeffco Human Services Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency complementing Jefferson County Human Services. The Foundation was founded to incubate and promote innovations that fuel prosperity for all families.

Jeffco Human Services Foundation steps outside typical government services with vision and innovation. 

Jeffco Prosperity Partners (JPP) is the transformative change model we have embraced, embodying new strategies for families to achieve success. JPP is a community, supporting families in moving from poverty to prosperity by supporting multi-generational, whole-family outcomes - students to diploma and parents to self-defined prosperity.

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Board of Directors

  • George Valuck, Board President
    • Board Chair - Metro West Housing Solutions
  • Moe Keller, Vice President of the Board
    • Vice President of Public Policy and Strategic Initiatives - Mental Health Colorado
  • Steve Burkholder, Treasurer and Secretary of the Board
    • Co-Chair - The Parent-Child Home Program
  • Randy Atkinson
    • Special Projects Coordinator, Human Services Emergency Operations
  • Mike Beasley
    • President - 5280 Strategies, LLC
  • Anne Burkholder, Community Activist
    • Co-Chair - The Parent-Child Home Program
  • Jerry Natividad
    • President/CEO American Facility Services Group
  • Henry Sobanet
    • Governor’s Office of State Planning and Budgeting - State of Colorado
  • Jake Zambrano
    • Senior Project Manager, EIS Solutions

Honorary Board Members

  • Honorable Norma Anderson, Retired State Senator
  • Honorable Mike Coffman, Former United States Congressman
  • Honorable Bill Owens, Former Governor, State of Colorado
  • Honorable Bill Ritter, Former Governor, State of Colorado