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About Jeffco Human Services Foundation

Jeffco Human Services Foundation is a nonprofit started in 2017 complementing the work of Jefferson County Human Services. It was created to incubate and promote innovations that fuel prosperity for all families.

Fully supported by the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners and a diverse Board of Directors, the foundation aims to decrease generational poverty and dependency on government benefits. Through the foundation, Jefferson County will support and help fund projects that directly impact local families and contribute to the resiliency of our community.

One of the programs directly impacted by Jeffco Human Services Foundation is Jeffco Prosperity Partners (JPP), whose transformative change model is used to combat generational poverty and move low-income families to self-defined success. Learn more about JPP below and in the JPP Infographic.

For questions about Jeffco Human Services Foundation please contact info@jeffcohsf.com.
For questions about Jeffco Prosperity Partners please contact Jessica Hansen.
Learn more about Jefferson County Human Services.

All are invited to make a difference. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. Tax ID # 82-1885665

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JPP Success Stories

Danielle Photo

Danielle U.

Danielle has A LOT to celebrate this year:
Hi my name is Danielle. This year has been a good year. I have been working hard on improving myself, advancing my goals and moving my family forward. It was a challenge, but I was able to work hard and pay off half of my student loans. I have also started researching career options with the help of Steffanne and JPP and I am determined to work on furthering my career options. I am also buying my 1st home with my partner and our son in the next couple days. I will finally have something to call my home. Thank you JPP for letting me see the potential I really did have and giving me the motivation to act on it!!! Congratulations Danielle on making such big moves this year!

RhiannRhiannon Photoon L.

Rhiannon’s educational feats continue!
Rhiannon got accepted to the Colorado School of Mines and was awarded the Transfer Scholarship. She faces the challenge of paying for school and works towards overcoming that challenge by seeking out scholarship opportunities and leaning on the support of her community (including JPP and other advocates). She has also leaned on family. Rhiannon is adjusting to the new realities of online learning by setting up consistent routines and structure at home for herself and Charlie, utilizing school workbooks and exercising daily.  Congratulations Rhiannon for finding strategies to be resilient through change!!

JPP Photos

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  1. Board of Directors
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Board of Directors

  • George Valuck, Board President
    • Board Chair - Metro West Housing Solutions
  • Moe Keller, Vice President of the Board
    • Vice President of Public Policy and Strategic Initiatives - Mental Health Colorado
  • Jereme Koehler, Secretary of the Board
    • Senior Vice President, FirstBank
  • Randy Atkinson
    • Special Projects Coordinator, Human Services Emergency Operations
  • Mike Beasley
    • President - 5280 Strategies, LLC
  • Anne Burkholder
    • Community Volunteer
  • Ali Lasell
    • Jefferson County School Board Member
  • Lang Sias
    • Former State Representative, FedEx Pilot
  • Henry Sobanet
    • Chief Financial Officer, CSU System

Honorary Board Members

  • Honorable Norma Anderson, Retired State Senator
  • Honorable Mike Coffman, Former United States Congressman
  • Honorable Bill Owens, Former Governor, State of Colorado
  • Honorable Bill Ritter, Former Governor, State of Colorado
  • Honorable Steve Burkholder, Former Mayor of Lakewood

JPP Infographic

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JPP Infographic 2020_Page_2