Caretaker Benefits

You must apply for kinship relative caretaker benefits. Once you’ve applied, you can visit the Colorado Program Eligibility and Application Kit (PEAK) website to check for eligibility or to check the status of your benefits.

Step 1: Complete the Application for Assistance Packet

The Application for Assistance can be submitted upon placement and is not dependent on custody status.

  • If applying for food stamps, complete the income and expense pages (eligibility for food stamps is based on the entire household income).
  • Eligibility for all other benefits (except food stamps) will be determined based on the income of the child/youth.

Step 2: Return Your Completed Application

Return completed application to:

Jefferson County Human Services
900 Jefferson County Parkway
Room 110
Golden, CO 80401

Step 3: Processing Your Application

Benefits will not begin until the application is received and processed. You will be contacted with an intake appointment date and time.

Additional services or assistance may be discussed at your intake appointment. If applying for TANF, you will be required to cooperate with Child Support Services, or your application cannot be processed.

Applying in Other Counties

Benefits such as TANF must be applied for in the caregiver's county of residence. If you are the kinship caregiver and do not live in Jefferson County, please locate your county of residence below for their contact information. You may contact us if you need assistance in applying for benefits in your county of residence:

  • Adams County: 303-412-7855, ext. 20
  • Arapahoe County: 303-636-1465
  • Boulder County: 303-441-1476
  • Broomfield County: 303-438-6390
  • Denver County: 720-944-3666
  • Douglas County: 303-688-4825, ext. 5341
  • Elbert County: 303-621-3204
  • El Paso County: 719-444-5220
  • Gilpin County: 303-582-5444