Pest Alert

Mountain Pine Beetle

Mountain Pine Beetle activity is increasing in Jeffco and the Front Range.  Landowners need to monitor their property and if they discover Mountain Pine Beetle, they must control it.  Visit our Mountain Pine Beetle page to learn more.

Understanding the Threat 

Invasive pests threaten our lands by destroying our forests, infesting agricultural crops and affecting our urban landscape.

Who We Are

Invasive Species Management is the county's program tasked with providing invasive species education and awareness to our landowners and to ensure compliance with the Colorado Pest Act.

What We Do

Invasive Species Management provides technical support to private and public landowners to assist them in identifying and managing invasive pests. We are also tasked with ensuring compliance with the Colorado Pest Act.

What Landowners Need to Know

Landowners need to monitor their land so that new pest infestations are prevented or caught early. 

Ways to prevent invasive pests are:

  • Don't bring untreated hardwood products into the state
  • Don't move pine logs unless you remove the bark or have solar treated it for Mountain Pine Beetle
  • Only purchase plant products from a reputable nursery
  • Use local firewood