Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults

With more than one-half of the Baby Boom generation now age 50 and older, the nation is increasingly becoming populated by older adults. One-third of the U.S population reached this senior milestone in 2010. Aging not only occurs to nations and individuals, it happens to communities. To better prepare for this aging population, or “silver tsunami,” as it has been called, Jefferson County contracted with National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) to conduct an assessment of the strengths and needs of its older residents.

About the Reports

Based upon the perspectives of older residents themselves, the Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults (CASOA™) provides a statistically valid survey of older adults in communities across America. The study findings will be used by staff, elected officials and other stakeholders to plan for older adult services, programs and facilities.


The objectives of the CASOA are to:

  • Identify community strengths in serving older adults.
  • Articulate the specific needs of older adults in the community.
  • Estimate contributions made by older adults to the community.
  • Determine the connection of older adults to the community.

The assessment focused on a series of needs among residents age 60 years or older and the community supports that foster successful aging.