Becoming a Nurturing Parent...

The purpose of the Responsible Fatherhood Program is to provide education and coaching for mothers and fathers who want to support the best interest of their children. Through our classes and services, we provide peer-based engagement, motivation, and on-going support for the parents in our community.

As part of the Responsible Fatherhood Program, dads and moms are educated about practical parenting styles and skills, self-awareness, and constructive communication techniques for everyday problem solving. Emphasis is placed on the critical need for parents to develop solid strategies for self-care so that they can serve the best interests of their children.

Using a case-planning process, we help moms and dads to identify and use their own strengths, in order to overcome barriers they face in maintaining an active role in their children's lives. Through our network of community resources, parents can build strong, healthy, and nurturing relationships with their kids.

Best of all, services are free.

Finding Fatherhood Documentary Video

Watch the Finding Fatherhood documentary video on YouTube from the PBS Colorado State of Mind program about collecting child support and how it's handled by Jefferson County Human Services' Responsible Fatherhood Program.

For more information call 303-271-4284 or contact Human Services.