Board of Adjustment: Variances & Special Exceptions

The Jefferson County Board of Adjustment may grant relief from a variety of Zoning requirements. Each case is presented to the Board during a Public Hearing. These cases range from requests for encroachments into required development standards of a zone district, requests for uses on a property requiring a “Special Exception” from the Zoning Resolution, and appeals of Director Determinations.

For Variances, Special Exceptions, and Appeals of Director Determinations, please complete the Board of Adjustment Application Form.

If you are pursuing a Variance, please refer to the appropriate Board of Adjustment Variances Guide for assistance in completing your application form.

Board of Adjustment Variances Guide

Administrative Exceptions

For requests meeting 75% of the required lot and building standards, temporary structures, and other smaller requests, you may qualify for Administrative relief. To apply, please complete the Administrative Exception Application Form.
If you are unsure which process applies to your request, please contact a planner for help before applying.

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