Zoning & Building Permitting

Miscellaneous Permits & Building Permits

How do you know if you need a Miscellaneous permit or a Building permit? What is the difference?

Miscellaneous Permits (often referred to as zoning permits) are only reviewed by Planning and Zoning, do not require Building Code review or inspections, and are typically “over-the-counter” permits for non-habitable Accessory Structures under 200 square feet in size and under 12 feet tall. Miscellaneous permits may also be used for temporary structures, construction in Mobile Home Parks, solar arrays, or an establishment of a Home Occupation.

Building permits are required to construct , enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish or change the occupancy of a building or structure. For further clarification please email Building Safety or call 303-271-8260.

Please refer to the Building Permit Checklist for Residential (PDF) or Building Permit Checklist for Commercial (PDF) for a complete list of all items that may apply to your Building Permit. 

Documents, Forms, and Additional Applications referenced on the Building Permit Checklists are available under Land Disturbance Permitting, Defensible Space & Wildfire Mitigation, and Additional Permitting Documents.

If you are not sure which permit you need, please contact a Planner to confirm the requirements for your project.

Fence Permits

All fences over 42 inches in height currently require a fence permit in Jefferson County. Additional restrictions may apply regarding the placement of a fence over 42 inches on your property. Please contact a Planner for more information on fencing restrictions for your address or property.


Development, Building and Traffic Impact Fees

Best Viewing Experience: These pdf files include fillable forms. Be aware that clicking and viewing them within your browser window may not allow you to save forms you have filled out. Instead, download the file to your computer (right click - Save Link As.. or Save Target As..) and open with Adobe Reader which will allow you to save a copy.

Floodplain Permits are accepted through the On-Line Application system.